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Reactions as Korede Bello opens up on type of woman that turns him on

Nigerians on Twitter have reacted after singer, opened up on the type of woman that turns him on.

In his which has since gone viral, the singer wrote that ladies who speak intellectually about finance turns him on.

In his own words, he wrote;

‘Such a turn on when I hear already speaking intellectually about finance. Alright then, take my money.’

Here’s some of the reactions to the comment below;

@dammyjoe wrote, ‘It is not as if most of them ain’t Finance intelligent just they easily get carried away by their nature of been taking care of.’

@thefemalestoreng wrote; How do they speak finance intellectually abeg? Is it to know how to calculate money?

@nenejones_esq wrote; ‘It’s actually a big turn on to see guys who are deeply intelligent. We don’t have most around, except in older guys like 50 and above. The younger generation know next to nothing.’

@iamthatayam wrote; ‘Not all women are stupid please’

@official_bobby_fredrick wrote; ‘To an anambra man it’s the woman that calls him nwokem ..different turn on’s to different preek’

@_invictus_solomon wrote; ‘When you find a good woman that can manage your funds, should on to her. It’s a plus for you and it’s gonna be a win-win situation.’

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